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BHTX Reimagining Virtual Currency

Exchange money with the whole world. Bring more traditional businesses onto the chain. Build a new industry ecosystem. Build trust and transfer value between businesses and users. Maximize the impact of blockchain technology.


Breaking Through the Barriers between Virtual Money and Real Industry

Reshaping the essence of virtual currency and linking virtual money with the real economy.

Value support

Blockchain is a powerful technology that can integrate countless resources. It can also connect people globally using productivity on a huge scale. Through our platform it is possible not only to exchange of currencies, but also a way to link virtual digital assets to brick and mortar industry. Through our platform, your digital assets are not limited to a simple market value, they also have additional value and purchasing power.

Barter exchange

Using blockchain in a barter system, we return to the origins of trade: exchanging value for value. By linking virtual digital assets and the "real" economy, the value of physical inventory, including excess stock, can be exchanged rapidly and efficiently using virtual tokens through our platform’s barter system.

Create value

Business strategies that utilize block chain technology will become more and more advanced, and the real value creation will be among the nodes of the block chain. By exchanging money safely and using consensus for trust - we create real value. We create a platform and community with intrinsic value, not just temporary fluctuations based on price speculation. By linking people and creating value, we create a platform of trust.

Block Chain Serves the Real Economy

In the future, the development of block chain technology will focus on convenience and scale, with application entities as the core. Additional goals include building a new user community system, integrity system and value system integrated more with the brick and mortar economy. In this way blockchain technology can promote progress and development of both community and the physical economy.



What matters today is not just whether the technology works but whether it has the ability to produce results and scale up. The question is, can its scalability outperform the competition?


Constructing a business alliance built on blockchain, exploring large-scale commercial possibilities blockchain technology and stimulating progress and development of the entire social community and virtual economy.


Mutual trust and consensus of the community allow for the exchange of virtual currency and real assets. This is the way the community consensus economy using virtual digital currency is created.


Quickly react to this decentralized and dynamic market, ascertain rules and connections, maintain a high degree of community consensus, and give diversified value solutions. Supporting the restructuring of the virtual currency industry.


With the advantages of transparency in blockchain technology, users and real-world industries can embrace this technology and establish a new consensus mechanism with regulators, investors and partners.


Our currency exchange and bartering platform already has strategic partnerships with nearly 60 brick and mortar enterprises with a huge scalability. Through the exchange process, community trust and consensus via blockchain can be created and a consensus economy based on virtual digital currency can be built. Alliances of real-world enterprises using blockchain can be assembled and large-scale commercial opportunities for online industry can be explored.

Exchange money for the world, link value, mutual trust.

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Virtual Money Value Circulation Platform

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